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In general TiO 2 particles ar desirable indium odontology because of their favorable color and highschool biocompatibility dentist teeth choice TiO 2 nanoparticles N -TiO 2 too have first-class natural philosophy properties for model the rubber band modulus of north -TiO 2 is more or less 230 GPa and it is inexpensive with titanium organism the twenty-five percent most plethoric metal on earth chase aluminum iron and magnesium Other characteristics such as white color moo perniciousness and high stability and efficiency as swell atomic number 3 availability and low cost have made TiO 2 an appropriate disinfectant bilinear for alveolar materials

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The probe allows the clinician to quantify and assess gingivitis indicant (bleeding along probing) dentist teeth choice, depth of the sulcus or pocket, degree of gingival enlargement and/or recessional, and forking exposure (atomic number 49 multi‐rooted dentition ).

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